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lleana Nguyen

Hi! I'm Ileana

Your Clinical Pharmacist & Naturopathic Nutritionist

Having grown up in Vietnam for eight years, I can't recall meeting people with food intolerances or hormone issues which we often seen in the West. During my pregnancy with my first baby I realised what it took to be at optimal health. I was lethargic and tired as one would expect but after correcting mineral deficiencies and reduce by toxic exposure, my health and energy went through the roof.

For 18 years, I have helped many patients improve their health and understand the impact of environmental chemicals on our health and how micronutrient deficiencies affect us.

My areas of speciality is cancer. I have special interests in restoring the immune system, hormone balancing and gut health.

I'm a Certified Essential Oils coach & Holistic Cancer Coach. I use herbs, essential oils , nutrition, bach flower essences and bioresonance as the key modalities to help clients optimize their wellness.

Have questions? Here are our FAQ

Can I do this if I am pregnant or breastfeeding ?

No you can't as the first 3 days involves a detox which is potentially not suitable in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Can I do this if I am vegan?

Yes you can as the meal plans come in 3 versions: paleo , vegan and wholefoods. You can always substitute ingredients where required.

Will I get detox symptoms?

Not everyone gets detox symptoms but if your body is releasing toxins that is a good thing and if you eat enough fiber, get moving and drink plenty of water it should help you to deal with any potential detox symptoms. As this is based just on foods, you're not likely to get major detox symptoms

Can I do this if I am on medications

It depends on what medications you are on. If you are diabetic and on insulin, it's good to let your doctor know you will be doing this. You can do the detox if you are monitoring your blood sugar and adjusting your insulin or medicine usage. Always check with your doctor or Pharmacist, Naturopaths before making any changes to your food or supplement protocols whilst on medications.

'Thank you Ileana for all  your endless hours that you have put into my health issues, most of which I was quick to bundle up and blame on menopause. Over a 4 month period I loved that Ileana was so quick to focus on the root causes of my problems and always willing to offer me options. Her gentle approach was always suggesting a couple of different treatments and allowing me to choose what felt most comfortable for myself. I greatly appreciated this as at times it felt overwhelming to step up to the changes that I knew needed to happen and it was with my own pace with Ileana's constant support offering me her wealth of knowledge and explaining why my body needed certain things to maintain its health. During this time my energy levels went from 1 to about 8. I'm still continuing on with the tools that Ileana has given me to constantly improve my health as I know it is a lifestyle and I can't thank her enough for the big part she has played in getting my energy back on track'

Monica, Australia