Hi there! I'm Ileana

I help clients  with gut, immune dysregulation and hormonal issues using naturopathic approaches including exercise, nutritional therapy, herbs and essential oils  so they can live vibrant and symptom free lives.

Life isn't about coping with diseases, but it's about healing and living with purpose & abundance.

Feeling tired, drained and exhausted can become the norm if you are in a state of chronic stress, living a busy life juggling responsibilities and dealing with gut and hormonal imbalances.

It seems like every day is a struggle to get out of bed and find enough energy to get by to the end of the day. Am I right? This is exactly how I felt when I was pregnant with my first baby while in my 2nd trimester.

I remember vividly that day around 3pm while checking medicines at the Hospital Pharmacy, my energy literally dropped to ZERO. I came home at 5.30pm and collapsed onto the couch. I asked my husband to order a takeaway as I had no energy to even move.

My health was far from being optimal even though I thought I was 'healthy'.  I mean, I wasn't smoking, drinking, didn't eat processed foods or was overly stress out. However, this crucial time in my life and my pregnancy was a wake up call for me to quickly learn about nutrition and what I could do to restore my energy and give my baby the best chance for optimal health. I learnt the absence of disease does not equal optimal health.

The day after by miracle, I met a lovely drug rep call Steven Palmer who I still am in touch with today. Steve changed my life by recommending I speak to several naturopathic doctors about natural health and reminded me about the effects of mineral deficiency and toxic or potentially toxic environmental chemicals on our body.

' Healthy happy parents makes healthy happy kids '

It didn't take long for me to research as much as I could about nutrition and TOXINS. I attended many natural health events, networked with naturopaths and learnt what I needed to do to get healthier! Pregnancy is a very important time when your baby is growing and zapping every bit of nutrient from you. Optimal nutrition and reduction of exposure to environmental chemicals is crucial for optimal foetal development and maternal health during pregnancy and postnatal.

I haven't looked back since. I enrolled to study nutrition at the CNM in London for 3 years after Jack my first son was born in 2008. Now we are blessed with 3 gorgeous boys (11, 6 and 2 yrs) , all fit and healthy. None have really  ever been to the doctors for the typical illnesses kids are often seen at the surgery for. They have never even taken any paracetamol, drugs or antibiotics. We manage our health with traditional chinese medicine (TCM) techniques such as gua sha for colds, essential oils and nutrition. We drink energized, structured, antioxidant rich Kangen Water and take plant derived trace minerals daily among other nutrients.

As a result, I am passionate to support women (and Men too ! )  to balance their hormones , have healthy fertility/pregnancies and babies. Good family health starts with us parents and we need to learn strategies to thrive in a busy world juggling between work, life, kids and family commitments.

lleana Nguyen


Hi there, I'm Ileana. I've been helping patients for 20 years to improve their health through education on the wonders of natural medicine and environmental medicine. I have a passion for helping patients to understand about toxins, restore and heal their gut, balance their hormones, achieve optimal fertility and support busy parents to find balance and keep their families healthy. For patients taking medications, it is still worth learning how drugs affect your level of nutrition and what you can do to correct that. I have worked in numerous hospital in the UK and looked after thousands of patients across a wide range of illnesses from respiratory, cardiovascular, liver, gut to obs and gynae.


  • Clinical Specialist Pharmacist in Cancer (B.Pharm, Dip. Pharm Prac)
  • Certified Holistic Cancer Coach (Cancercure.org)
  • Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy (CNM, London)
  • Certified Essential Oils Coach (Dr. Josh Axe, EO Institute)

Your time to heal is now !

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