• Is Bone Broth Contaminated?

    I love bone broth and recommend to all clients especially those with gut health issues. Recently at my husband’s bookshop, I picked up a gorgeous cookbook written by a well known New York food writer. Her book recommends we shouldn’t make bone broth using bones because one study showed it was contaminated with LEAD !?? […]


  • 10 signs you might be low on magnesium

    10 Signs You Might Be Low On Magnesium & What You Can Do About It

    Researches  have shown that magnesium plays an even greater role in health than was previously thought. Second only to potassium in terms of concentration within the individual cells in the body (intracellular concentration), magnesium is required for over 200 hundred biochemical reactions or processes taking place within your body. Like zinc and other minerals, magnesium’s role revolves primarily around […]