Be on your way to banishing the bloat, improve your digestion, have beautiful skin and heal your leaky gut

Are you struggling with skin problems like psoriasis or acne rosacea, headaches, hormone imbalances and digestive issues?

Did you know that a myriad of illnesses are related to the health and integrity of your gut?

Whether it is recurrent headaches, tiredness, bloating after certain foods or constantly, frequent colds, recurrent urinary tract infections, yeast/candida infections, anxiety or depression symptoms, poor immune function, auto-immunity or thyroid disorder....more than likely it has to do with the health of your digestive system.

I understand. You're tired of feeling tired and bloated all the time and wishing you could eat 'normally' like others without looking like you're 5 months pregnant. At least this is what my clients tell me!

There's more serotonin  happy hormones made in your gut than in your brain so it's no wonder there is a correlation between anxiety/depression and gut health.

Up to 80 % of our immune system is in our gut so if you want to improve and balance your immune system, get rid of recurrent infections, this is a good place to start.

Hippocrates, the our father of medicine once said...

' All Diseases Begin in the Gut'


You may have been doing DIY heal your gut with various books or following online blogs and advice. It's helping you but still, you're suffering with the symptoms which are affecting you.

What you really need is a systematic approach to healing but you need support to do this properly.

I have a workshop that might help you!


Beat the bloat, improve your energy and be able to once again, eat foods you have  been avoiding for years?

During this 6 hour workshop, you will learn what you need to do to heal your digestive system and deal with one of the major root causes to many illnesses.

Here's what you get when you attend this live workshop

Learn foods, herbs , essential oils and detox techniques to heal your gut.

We will dive into:

The anatomy of the digestive system

The roles and functions of each organ

Ways to support the gut, common gut related health concerns & natural remedies for them.

The 5-R replacement program

Common gut repair diets (AIP, GAPS, Low FODmap) etc

              BONUS #1 : Gut friendly recipes (worth £17)

               BONUS#2 : Smoothies ebook (worth £17)

              SURPRISE BONUS: Because I love surprises, who doesn't ?


Benefit 1

Learn which essential oils you can use to support stress and help heal your gut. You'll be given DIY recipes so you can have fun making your own products.

Benefit 2

Learn the top 5 herbs and nutrients to help with gut repair. Take home top gut friendly recipes

Benefit 3

You can try some supplements, do on the spot tests for stomach acid and candida. Have fun meeting like minded people.

nicole parker

'I attended a superb one-day workshop run by Ileana In Perth, Australia and was blown away by what I learnt and took away. I already had some limited working knowledge of preventative healthcare but was shocked by what I came to realise with regards gut health and its profound effect on our general health and well-being. Ileana spoke about how healing your gut can help address a myriad of chronic health conditions including; Hormonal imbalances, Heart disease, Gum disease, Inflammatory conditions, Autistic spectrum disorders, Allergies & skin conditions, Autoimmune diseases, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Crohn’s + UC). Ileana spoke with such knowledge, depth and practical wisdom about specific nutritional protocols to support your body on the road to recovery for a number of chronic conditions with root causes connected to the gut, how to identify common toxins (harmful chemicals) in the home and personal care products and natural alternatives, healthy gluten free meals, fermented drinks, and snack recipes, common superfoods, anti-inflammatory foods, gluten & dairy free foods, different types of sugars & how to use healthy sugar substitutes and blood sugar balancing to prevent and address metabolic syndrome, good fats/bad fats – what are they and how they affect the body and balancing your hormones through supporting your gut and liver. The day was packed with such critical life-health-changing information. Ileana is such a hugely knowledgeable professional – I cannot recommend her seminars or healthcare services highly enough. Her honest, practical and ethical presentation of key health factors is a must for everyone.'

Nicole Parker (Natural Fertilitycare Practitioner)

Perth, Australia

Join me and lets take control of your gut health health



lleana Nguyen

Hi! I'm Ileana

Your Clinical Pharmacist & Naturopathic Nutritionist

Having grown up in Vietnam for eight years on an organic and rural diet, I can't recall meeting people with food intolerances or hormone issues which we often seen in the West. This gave me the foundations to understand certain health issues we have in the west compared to the natural ways of living in more third world countries.

During my pregnancy with my first baby I realised what it took to be at optimal health. I was lethargic and tired as one would expect but after correcting mineral deficiencies and reduce by toxic exposure, my health and energy went through the roof.

For 18 years, I have helped many patients improve their health and understand the impact of environmental chemicals on our health and how micronutrient deficiencies affect us. My areas of speciality is cancer. I have special interests in restoring the immune system, hormone balancing and gut health.

I'm a Certified Essential Oils coach & Holistic Cancer Coach. I use herbs, essential oils, nutrition,  Bach flower essences and Bioresonance as the key modalities to help clients optimize their wellness.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You already know everything about gut health and nutrition
  • You are unable to commit to trying new foods and eating more healthy
  • You are not interested in restoring gut health and hormonal imbalances

This program IS for you if:

  • You are hungry to learn how to unravel the puzzles when it comes to healing your gut
  • You are ready to try new foods and healing recipes 
  • You are ready to make some changes to your routine to improve your health and digestion
  • You enjoy meeting and connecting with new and like minded people


It's time to take action, make positive changes so you can feel human again.

Have questions? Here are our FAQ

Can I do this if I am pregnant or breastfeeding ?

Yes you can. You will learn how important gut health is for your baby and yourself

Can I do this if I am vegan?

Yes, you will be provided with vegan recipes

But I've already read loads of books and seen nutritionists before

If you have healed your gut and your symptoms are no longer a concern then you don't need to attend this workshop. If you still have issues with hormone imbalances and other health issues which may be related to the gut, perhaps there are areas you have not explored such as as toxins, moulds, candida etc. If you are unsure, please contact me on [email protected] to make enquiries.

Can I do this if I am on medications

Yes absolutely. Many drugs actually affect the gut and its functions and they can even reduce the amount of friendly bacteria (probiotics) in your gut. Whether you are taking medicines or not, this workshop will equip you with invaluable skills for short and long term health


Last chance to book into this live workshop through Yeovil , Somerset Skills and learning centre. Call 0330 332 7997 to make a booking.

This course will be available online soon. To register your interest, please subscribe to our emailing list. This enables you to access your freebie library of resources also which has a 7 day gut repair meal plan.

'Thank you Ileana for all  your endless hours that you have put into my health issues, most of which I was quick to bundle up and blame on menopause. Over a 4 month period I loved that Ileana was so quick to focus on the root causes of my problems and always willing to offer me options. Her gentle approach was always suggesting a couple of different treatments and allowing me to choose what felt most comfortable for myself. I greatly appreciated this as at times it felt overwhelming to step up to the changes that I knew needed to happen and it was with my own pace with Ileana's constant support offering me her wealth of knowledge and explaining why my body needed certain things to maintain its health. During this time my energy levels went from 1 to about 8. I'm still continuing on with the tools that Ileana has given me to constantly improve my health as I know it is a lifestyle and I can't thank her enough for the big part she has played in getting my energy back on track'

Monica, Australia

Ileana, I can’t thank you enough for the incredible amount of help and advice you’ve given me with regard to gut health. You’ve inspired me so much, particularly after your extremely informative and interesting presentation yesterday, that I’ve already started to make changes which I shall continue to do in order to gain good gut health. Having suffered with major colic as a baby, taking anti-epileptic drugs from ages 3-12, anti-inflammatories for RSI for years and medication for a Hiatus Hernia for years also you’ve made me realise that my intolerance to gluten, dairy, high FODMAPs, additives & preservatives is understandable albeit regrettable. Over the past 18 months I’ve seen 2 gastroenterologists, a dietician and a nutritionist and although they’ve all helped me, for which I’m very grateful, I’ve learnt more listening to you for a few hours than in those 18 months and I’m so very grateful. I shall certainly be recommending you to others!'

Amanda Barrett

Somerset, UK,