LifeONE – Liposomal Immune Boosting herbal/nutritional supplement

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It’s £130 per bottle (original price), Sale price £80 per bottle due to the short expiry date.


This is an immune support supplement in a LIPOSOMAL form containing around 8 active ingredients (see below). It was formulated by a herbalist who understood it is  important to have synergy between these ingredients than using them alone. If you have not read what Liposomal products are compared to standard formulas, please email me for a PDF on liposomal formulation. It was also features on TTAC documentary series two years consecutive.

I have only 4 bottles of this left in stock which expires Jan 2018 so these are going at a significant discount.  For an average adult, the full dose in the first month is 30ml up to three or four times a day so you need up to six bottles in the first month. It’s recommended you stay on this dose for 2-3 months then reduce by half or as directed by your Naturopath.

The LifeOne Formula is a Patented proprietary compound of natural plant extracts in a liposome base. Life One Formula is designed to aid your body’s immune system. Your immune system is critical in allowing your body to fight illness. No product made is more powerful than your own healthy immune system. The Life One Formula has proven to be effective at building a healthy immune system. Life One Formula is an all natural herbal blend designed to enhance the Immune System. The Patented Life One Formula will help the immune system fight problems more effectively. The Life One Formula has proven to be of benefit to your body’s immune system. Each bottle is 16oz.

**PLEASE EMAIL me for additional information on the clinical research and doctor’s comments and experiences with LifeONE**

“Why does every batch of LifeOne Formula look, or taste different?”

The answer is simple, but requires a straightforward look at very basic herbal medicine. Each herbal product we use has what are called “active” constituents. These “actives” are the plant chemicals that give the herb the healing qualities that so many possess. During certain times of year when they are harvested, or in years when they receive more or less rain, the amount of “actives” in the herb changes. In other words, if a formula is made, requiring a specific amount of actives, the amount of the herb may change, reflecting the change in the amount of actives in a given amount of herb. Simple lesson, but very important to the consumer who will taste a difference with each batch.

LifeOne is made with the formulation requiring very specific amounts of “active” constituents. The formulation totally ignores the amount of herbs that may be required to meet the stringent control of active constituents in the formula. Because of this, two things happen. First, the amount of total herbs of one or another may change. This will result in a change in color or taste. Second, the consumer is guaranteed that they are getting the very best control over the essential active compounds in the herbs that we can possibly deliver in each and every batch we produce.

Due to the nature of this product we do not accept returns.

LifeOne proprietary formulation :

Chrysin, Coriolus Versicolor, Diindolymethane (DIM), Resveratrol, Turmeric Extract (Curcumin), Quercetin, Green Tea Extract, L-Selenium Methionine

Other Ingredients: Water, Liposomal Matrix (Lecithin Complex with Phosphadidyl Choline and Phosphatidylserine), Natural Flavors, Stevia, Sodium Benzoate, and Potassium Sorbate (as preservatives)


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