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If you are ready to quit putting up with symptoms and start to heal your body so you can live life to the max.

Imagine waking up with a bounce in your step, a glorious glow and smile on your face...

This is exactly how you'll feel after we've spent some time together.

I'm a believer in education. If you understand why you need to take action and how & what to do, you'll have a better chance of succeeding. My focus is on educating you so you can help yourself to heal.  I provide support so  your results can be a transformation not a transaction.

There are many aspects to healing as we need to deal with the root causes of your health issues. These can include learning strategies to manage chronic stress such as using essential oils, correcting nutrient deficiencies and supporting the adrenals with adaptogenic herbs. Our psychology and emotiond play a large role in our health so this needs a closer look and support. Treating a symptom in isolation will never get to the roots of the problem. Only by treating the body as a whole in mind , body and spirit will we achieve optimal health.

I use nutritional therapy, herbs, essential oils, bach flower remedies and biofeedback as options for restorative health. Alongside that is health life coaching where necessary.

I've seen many patients  over the years and I can honestly say, those who come with a healing, positive mindset and  the will power to make changes are the ones who have the highest chances of succeeding. If you come with the right attitude, I can offer you the tools and a road map to help you get to your healing destination.

'The part cannot be well until the WHOLE is well'  ~ Plato 

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Feel Amazing Again - 30 Day Women's Hormone Coaching Program

Your 30 day program to get you fast-tracked to feeling good again.

This is an in depth program where you can learn about the relationships between the various hormones and key players in our endocrine, adrenal and reproductive system. We'll focus on which foods, herbs and essential oils can support hormone balancing.

Here's what you get as part of this awesome program:

  • 28 day meal plan for paleo, vegan or whole foods for greater success
  • Workbooks and journals to make fast progress
  • 10 Video tutorials covering different hormones, testings, gut health, herbs, nutrients, essential oils, stress reduction, time management strategies
  • Weekly group coaching call check in for 1 hour
  • Facebook group support
  • Home exercise videos to build muscle and cardiovascular support

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Your 21 day program to get you fast-tracked to reduce absorption of toxins & releasing them and feel your best.

Despite having detox organs which help clean out toxins, it's a good idea to understand daily detox techniques you can do to support your body so it can do its job optimally. This program is not any other DETOX program because my main focus is to teach you about environmental toxins, how they affect our body and how you can avoid them without overwhelm or become obsessive. Reducing exposure to potentially harmful or harmful chemicals is the first step to to detoxification. 

Here's what you get as part of this awesome program:

  • Bi-Weekly email coaching with to-do's and key tasks
  • Workbooks and journals to make fast progress
  • Meal plans and recipes for greater success
  • Weekly group coaching call check in for 1 hour
  • Facebook Group support
  • Checklists of environmental toxins to avoid and what to do instead
  • Essential Oils For the Home Ebook
  • Surprise Bonus Gifts

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Imagine having a plan forward for your health and vibrant self in just 30 minutes of your time. Each month I offer limited spots for clients to use my services for free. Schedule your free 30 minute session now. I'll speak to you soon!